Thursday, July 13, 2006

M'ney m'ney m'ney moooooney...MONEY!

I am officially broke after having to dish out the equivalent of a small car in order to secure my apartment. I shit you not. Thus, I have gone on the equivalent of a famine diet for finances. Here are the doctor's orders:

1) Operate on a cash only basis. And for those looking to earn a gold star, that means always having only $20 or less in your wallet.
2) Remove credit and debit cards from wallet. Place cards in Tupperware/cup/bowl. Fill receptacle with water. Stick receptacle with immersed credit cards into the freezer. Forget they are there until your finances are more robust.

I'm on day one of my diet, and so far I don't even miss them!


lakhawk said...

I feel your pain. Good luck...just keep thinking about that fabulous place you get to live in just a few short weeks!

JCA said...

I'm still not over being impressed by the frozen CCs. You GO.

NaughtyVoyeur said...

You may still have time before that water freezes!! And I believe the financial diet goes on as long as the normal diet.. forever. One year you're rollin' in Snickers and Milky Way's .. the next month you're lucky if you get some celery for lunch. It's just never ending :)