Monday, March 31, 2008

I'm...ah....ah....AH-CHOO...sick. :(

Once in a while, a random thought process leads me to wonder which of the five senses I'd be willing to "lose" if I had to choose one (morbid as that sounds). Okay, so while the "five" number may be debatable amongst the fantastical sixth-sense believers, work with me here: sight, smell, sound, taste, touch. 99 days out of 100, I'd say "smell." I never think I'd miss it much (at least, not as much as the OTHER senses), and it always sort of made sense to me in an evolutionary way. If memory serves me correctly from my days way back when in Psychobiology class, the part of the brain that processes the sense of smell was one of the earliest to develop in our ancestors. As such, evolutionarily, getting rid of my sense of smell kind of made sense (hardy har har) in light of the new and fabulous other senses that we've developed.

BUT...that being said...I've been sick the past couple of days. Can't smell worth crap. Heck, can't SMELL crap (but maybe that's a good thing). This would be that one day out of 100 that I think to myself "man...I'd really love to smell (1) that burger, (2) the furry smell of Nico, my kitty (hey, it may sound weird, but it's a comforting smell!), or (3) the fresh laundry that just got back from the laundromat.

And, as an aside, why am I sick again??? I'm like.....NEVER sick. Before my sparring bout with the flu last month, it had been seriously YEARS since I'd been sick. But this cold marks TWICE in two months. W-T-F...!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Two Things

  1. I just got home from work. (Sux.)
  2. They're filming this outside my apartment right now: New York, I Love You.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Desert Island Food?

Someone I was talking with recently said something about a "desert island" food. This statement got me thinking...what would I bring on a desert island?

Specific answers to that question aside, I've reached a point where I think I might just be satisfied with the initial response I have of "I don't know."

For the most part, I don't understand "favorites." People have favorite brands, favorite colors, favorite drinks, favorite cars, favorite animals, favorite celebrities, favorite websites, and the list just goes on and ON.

Maybe I'm just really...UNopinionated (?), but I have always wondered how you can pick ONE thing and have that be your end-all and be-all favorite [fill in the blank]. Rather than unopinionated, I've instead always seen this kind of non-favoritism in my life as something of a desire more to be fair and weigh all the options. How am I to decide that this one person/place/thing is The It of that category for me?

I guess what I'm saying the end, isn't there a season (turn turn turn) and a time to every purpose for everything?

N.B.: Thus ends my 2AM musings for this week.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Eliot Spitzer

Okay. So I'm sure a big reason it's getting SOOOOO much press is that he made his name, to paraphrase the homepage's description, enforcing standards of ethics in public life.

But really...

Am I the only one who's kinda thinking "who gives a flying f who the Governor f'd?"

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Who needs the outside world, anyway??

Recently I joined Netflix, and let's just say that things have gotten a little *ahem A LOT ahem* out of hand. I've discovered not only the DVD portion of the site, but also the "Watch Instantly" portion, which has been my downfall. Seriously.

In the past three weeks, Netflix has been responsible for my becoming a serious recluse as I have watched the following thanks to its oh so awesome "Watch Instantly" and overnight delivery of DVDs:

The Namesake
Becoming Jane
Donnie Darko: Director's Cut
The Assassination of Jesse James
Little Miss Sunshine

Watch Instantly:
The entire season 1 of "Heroes" in the span of 5 days. (Yes, that's 24 episodes...)
The Way We Were
Pan's Labyrinth
Stand By me
The Seat Filler
The Usual Suspects
Right At Your Door
The Good German
The Shining

Yes, that's over the course of THREE weeks. My name is odderie, and...I have a problem.

Sunday, March 02, 2008


Today I meandered my way to Chinatown, going through the Village, SoHo, and some of Little Italy en route. On the way back, I spotted a playground game of street hockey. There is something inexplicably beautiful in its simplicity in using tipped over trash cans as the "goal."