Monday, March 31, 2008

I'm...ah....ah....AH-CHOO...sick. :(

Once in a while, a random thought process leads me to wonder which of the five senses I'd be willing to "lose" if I had to choose one (morbid as that sounds). Okay, so while the "five" number may be debatable amongst the fantastical sixth-sense believers, work with me here: sight, smell, sound, taste, touch. 99 days out of 100, I'd say "smell." I never think I'd miss it much (at least, not as much as the OTHER senses), and it always sort of made sense to me in an evolutionary way. If memory serves me correctly from my days way back when in Psychobiology class, the part of the brain that processes the sense of smell was one of the earliest to develop in our ancestors. As such, evolutionarily, getting rid of my sense of smell kind of made sense (hardy har har) in light of the new and fabulous other senses that we've developed.

BUT...that being said...I've been sick the past couple of days. Can't smell worth crap. Heck, can't SMELL crap (but maybe that's a good thing). This would be that one day out of 100 that I think to myself "man...I'd really love to smell (1) that burger, (2) the furry smell of Nico, my kitty (hey, it may sound weird, but it's a comforting smell!), or (3) the fresh laundry that just got back from the laundromat.

And, as an aside, why am I sick again??? I'm like.....NEVER sick. Before my sparring bout with the flu last month, it had been seriously YEARS since I'd been sick. But this cold marks TWICE in two months. W-T-F...!

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Turnstile said...

Lemme tell ya', i've been dealing with "anosmia" or, lack of smell for a couple years now and it's really not that bad :) It sucks when people around me comment on how good their food smells or how nice a perfume is or something. But for the most part everything in NY smells pretty funky anyway!