Monday, November 26, 2007

Friday, November 09, 2007

$150 Worth of Relaxation

Tonight I spent 0.5 hours with Nico playing fetch and watching him hunt down my rubber hair band.

Sunday, November 04, 2007


Crushes -- good or bad? I have one. It kind of sucks. There's a reason they're called "crushes," I suppose. However...have you an argument for? Surely it exists, my dear JSA-ers and debate club kids out there.


Unrelatedly, I took a meandering walk around the neighborhood tonight. I saw a bunch of stuff PLUS figured out what happens when people think the washing machine/dryer ate one of their socks.
This is a sock. A black sock. Specifically, this is a black sock I saw lying on the ground outside a laundromat. It appears to have fallen off of someone's heap of laundry -- whether clean or not I have no clue. However, it does appear to solve the anthropomorphic issue of a washing machine/dryer eating one's sock.
Also unrelatedly, there is this "Tiles for America" display on a chain link fence at a street corner near my place. I'd only really had a vague glancing look at it in the past, but I finally took some time to read some of the tiles and look at the website. I'm not one for sappy, but I think the overall idea is very powerful. Not only that, but some of the tiles were very moving.
The heart on this tile appears incomplete as it seems to be missing a bottom corner. Something about that speaks to me in that it appears the country is not whole -- although I'm sure such a message was not the original intent.
No words.