Friday, October 30, 2009

888 Week!

888! Very lucky!

I hesitate to jinx it, but this week has been pretty...lucky!

I raffled (or, more accurately, my friend raffled and gave to me) into amazing seats for the New York Rangers v. Phoenix Coyotes hockey game on Monday. ($210 each tix!) (Side note: Doesn't a "Phoenix hockey team" sound on par with a Jamaican bobsled team?*)

*bonus points for naming that movie!

Then...I found out I won a free night at a Fairmont hotel - ANY Fairmont hotel in the continental U.S./Canada. (~$400/night) I'm leaning towards one of these two. Lovely, no?

(Well, I should have outright won two nights, but due to a mixup in the back office, I am splitting the prize with the other person, and I'm STILL ELIGIBLE to win two nights for future contests - a good thing!)

FINALLY, I raffled (or, more accurately, my friend at work raffled and then can't end up going) into half-court Club seats for the Knicks OPENING game tomorrow. ($240 each tix!)

So that's like...winning a buncha money without doing anything! Cool!

Thoughts on which Fairmont hotel I should choose? Old Quebec looks beautiful... :)