Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How much is that doggy in the window? (Ruff ruff!)

On Sunday, I walked my dog through Brooklyn.

"What dog???" you may ask.

As part of Improv Everywhere's latest outing, 2000+ people walked invisible dogs throughout Cobble Hill/Boerum Hill on what turned out to be a surprisingly pleasant Sunday afternoon. After awaking to a damp and rainy morning, I was expecting to be fairly miserable while spending the afternoon outdoors. However, Mother Nature cooperated, and the outing was so much fun!

Here is my account of the afternoon, with my favorite encounter copied below:

I was walking by a place of religious service, and it had just been let out. A group of old guys were on the steps. Corky the Yorkie-mutt had just stopped to sniff a tree nearby.

Old Guy 1 – Lady! Hey lady!
Me – Hi there! What’s up?
OG1 – What…what is this?
Me – He’s a dog. His name’s Corky.
OG1 – But I mean…what IS this?
Me – A dog. I got him at the shelter.
OG1 to OG2 – It’s a dog. Do you see it?
(OG2 shakes head.)
Me – He’s very friendly. (pats near Corky’s head)
OG1 to me – Do YOU see it?
Me – Of course. He’s right here. He’s black and brown. (wiggles leash a little)
OG1 is taken aback – He’s…he’s moving.
OG1 to kid who walked up – The dog is moving.
Me – I think he likes you.
OG1 – Can I touch him?
Me – Sure. He’s friendly.
(OG1 bends down.)
OG1 – I…I don’t feel him.
OG1 to group – Do you see the dog?
(Everyone in group is either bewildered and frowning, bewildered and giggling, or shaking their heads.)
Me – Maybe he’s shy.


Finally (because everyone loves pictures!), here is Corky (my invisi-Yorkie-mutt) hanging out with a feline friend. :)

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Trazzler/NYCGO Writing Contest - I'm a semifinalist!

So I entered into this writing contest to win $10,000 and a two week trip...to NYC. Yes, to those astute folks out there, I am already in NYC, but who am I to sneeze at a free hotel room for two weeks *coughs "where I can throw a hotel party or five for my awesome friends who help me make it to the FINALS of this contest" coughs*.

Anyhoo, I'm now a semifinalist! Out of ~900 entries! The way to make it to the next round (the Finals!) is to have as many people as earthly possible "wishlist" my trip entry on the website Trazzler. I've copied the link below and the easy steps to "wishlist" my entry about my experience watching the sun rise over the Arabian Sea when I went to Oman earlier this year.

It's soooo easy to "wishlist" my trip and help me along with this stage of the contest that I hope you'll take a minute or two to do so. Here are the steps:

1) Click the link below.


2) Click the green "add to wishlist" button beneath the picture of my Tropical Punch-painted toes.
3) Sign in - you don't even need to sign up for a new account because you can sign in using your Facebook information.
4) If you could click the link above again just to make sure you were registered as a "wishlist," that would be great. After that, you're done! (I think!) :)
5) (optional) Please spread the word to all of your friends, Romans, countrymen, lovers, family, guy who serves you coffee, cats-who-lolcat-and-log-into-
websites-and-use-their-paws-to-vote-on-stuff, etc. Please twitter to all of your friends! Under 140 characters: "Help @odderie make it to the finals of the @Trazzler / #NYCGO contest - "wishlist" her trip here: http://bit.ly/6ZEeJ Thanks!" Please work it into your routine at karaoke! You know what to do! :)

Thanks so much to everyone, and I hope to spread some good news soon. Hope all is well in the blogosphere! :)