Monday, July 17, 2006

"Sexy, Successful...and Single?"

This article makes me this the life I signed up to lead [for the foreseeable future, anyway]?

By the way, just to add to the credibility (or rather...lack thereof) of these articles, I just read another one that says something about playing footsie. Now call me crazy, but I just don't GET footsies. Am I the only one who doesn't see the merit in this supposed turn-on?


DarthImmortal said...

In our society the man makes the money and the woman looks pretty. I'm not saying I agree with it but its engraved in our minds.

The good news is that not all men are threatened with a woman's career.

The bad new is what do you do if you earn the money in the family and then decide to have kids? Now you have lost your income to take time off to go into labor. So even if you find a man that is not threatened with your career, he might not want to raise a kid on his own while you work all day.

The Law Fairy said...

I say, if men are intimidated by you, screw 'em. Call me up and we'll have a couple of yummy martinis free of awkward pauses in the conversation. Absolutely nothing wrong with being a swingin' single. What I hate about articles like these is that they give off the impression that we *need* men.

Don't get me wrong, I understand your frustration, but what you need to constantly remind yourself is that you chose this path because it was what *you* wanted. If that is too much for some man to handle, it never would have worked out for you anyway, even if you were a cocktail waitress. You might end up married, which might make you happy for a while, but eventually you would end up bitter and discontent at this man who kept you from doing what you really wanted. You are way too amazing to get down on yourself for being single! Be proud of being single!! If there are no men out there good enough for you, that's quite an accomplishment! 3 billion men in the world and almost all of them scared of you?? How about you and I start our own country and boss around our 2.8 billion man-slaves? ;) The men smart enough to realize our value can live in the castle with us :)

odderie said...

darth, it'll take a lot for society to change, despite our supposed forward thinking.

law fairy, I agree -- these kinds of articles frustrate me b/c they always (1) make it sound like the woman needs the man and (2) advise the woman to downplay her career (like when they say "find a non-threatening way to describe it"). Uh, I spent three years and countless brainpower hours getting to this point...I shouldn't have to hide it!

cpbdonny said...

Some things in life just can't be helped. Helping boys understand that the (professional) world does not revolve solely around them is not one that you can do anything about. So to quote the law fairy, "screw 'em."

However, times are changing - and I've heard more than one guy say that he's happy not being the breadwinner in the family. The question for everyone else now is: will you?

Mike said...

My wife's feet are colder than fuck, and she sometimes neglects shaving, but I endure footsie every night, out of love. Beyond that, Footsie sucks!

PS if you tell my wife, you get the blade.

Wayne said...

I'm all about the Sugar Mamas.

As for the footsies thing, I think you're just doing it wrong.