Thursday, May 04, 2006

Let's Talk About Sex, Bay-Bee

So apparently I missed a wild episode of actual, honest-to-God duck sex in the fountain last week.

On an unrelated note, we went to watch Oprah today. It was a pretty heavy topic: prostitution. She had a couple of prostitutes talk a bit, but it was mainly a show filled with video segments. It really made me wonder about the Oprah cult. She really ain't all that, you know. Her insights aren't really insights. "You need to know better to do better." WTF does that mean?! "It's good that you stopped using drugs." DUH. She filmed maybe a total of fifty sentences over the course of today's show. Oprah is a billionaire for that?!


Fozzie Bear said...

You are just bitter because you didn't get a free car!!

NaughtyVoyeur said...

...giggling at Fozzie...

Didn't you go see Springer?? Are you just a talk show guru?? Is it that easy to get into the show?? I need to go someday. Just to say I did it :)