Saturday, May 06, 2006

School Daze

Last night was the Law School Prom, unofficially referred to by all of us as Enchantment Under the Sea. And, yes, I did say "prom." It was a lot of fun to see everyone all dolled up in their goin' a meetin' clothes (and then some!). Ladies were gorgeous, gents were handsome, the hair was voluminous, and everyone looked magnificently different from the sweats-and-t-shirt days at the law school. The DJ was wholly craptacular (he actually admitted not to having ANY music within the past five years), and he was just playing stuff that was way too cool for us. Dude, we all don't dance to underground hip hop -- put on some Beyonce! The light-up dance floor, however, WAS pretty badass awesome when he played "Billie Jean" by *ahem* somebody's brilliant request. :) The food was pretty bad. The chicken was bland despite its deceptively creamy-looking sauce. Oh well. That being said, the company was what made the night special. Our post-prom trip to 24 hour Korean BBQ made it deeeeeeelicious.

On my way to school today to work on those infamous papers, I passed by a fabulous kite-flying gathering. It just made me happy and reminded me that spring is here and summer is around the corner.

Finally, once I got here, I saw that it was Alumni reunion weekend. The lounge was all decked out, and lo and behold, there was food galore. Check out the fancy shmancy chrome-plastic-silverware with which they provide our illustrious alums. Can we say "Donate to our school?"


SenatorK said...

WE don't have a law school prom. :(

I guess that's what separates the Tier 2 schools from the Tier 1s.

Who was your date?

odderie said...

Tragically for me, not you. :(

I went with the best company of all: me, myself, and I.

Geek of Fury said...

Your prom was at the Knickerbocker! I recall being thoroughly amused at that lit up dance floor myself. =)

senatorK said...

As if I have a shot with you. :(

I need a handy....

Where Productivity Goes to Die said...

Hi - stumbled upon your blog via I miss law school prom. Good times...Like your blog!