Monday, March 06, 2006

Those Tax Lawyers

Headline in New York Law Journal:

Ex-Cravath Lawyer On the Run for Sex With Underage Girls Arrested in NYC

Since I'm not sure if the article will link properly (subscription required), I'll give the one-sentence recap: Tax lawyer, married with five children, pays for "relationships" with two teenage girls, one of whom was thirteen at the time (in 2000) and one of whom moved into his Manhattan apartment.

Commentary: Gross. Stick it to the bastard.

Observation: This is probably the most publicity a tax lawyer has ever received.


The Law Fairy said...

Ew. Ew. Ew.

trying... to... resist... dammit!

When will society learn that f'ed-up things like this are only the natural result of parading young nubile women around as though youth is a necessary and sufficient condition for female sexuality, and that women exist primarily for men's sexual gratification??? Seriously, people act like it's so out there, when really it makes perfect sense! Change the way society views women, and creeps like this will gradually slink out of existence.

GOD that felt good.

odderie said...

I <3 you, Law Fairy.

And, yes, you are still a fun person!!

Roonie said...