Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Elevator Awkwardness

Baby Posner and odderie step into the elevator. She pushes "B" and "1," assuming he is going to the first floor. She looks down at her shoes, and he stands against the back wall. Awkwardness* all around.

Baby Pose: (in an attempt to be "social") So...are you studying?
odderie: No, I just like hanging out up in the stacks for fun. It's what the cool kids do.
Baby Pose: Funny, Adrian said that's what all the kids at Harvard do, too.
odderie: Have you guys tried that Shamrock shake at McDonald's? That's good stuff. Radioactive.
Baby Pose: Yeah, we had a farewell shake just last week. You should have seen Richard go at that thing. (sighs) Adrian is leaving, and it makes me so sad...

*Note: NOT the "they're about the jump on each other and make out like bandits" awkwardness. YOU PERV!
Note 2: Yes, I've taken some creative liberties in this retelling.


The Law Fairy said...

HE DID NOT say that. That's a line straight out of next year's musical!!

The Law Fairy said...

er, I mean, last year's musical. Sheesh.

But I'm here (for now at least!) At the law school.... it sucks to be you!!!

odderie said...

I <3 that song. And that Musical.

lakhawk said...

Yes, but did the snaps on the front of your shirt pop open? That was my awkward elevator moment with The Verm.

odderie said...

Wow, lak. That's hot.

Albert Clifford Slater said...

creative liberties? I feel violated and betrayed

The Law Fairy said...

Slater -- that's what E.Pos. said.