Saturday, July 09, 2005


So I had my midsummer review yesterday. I am, as expected, AWESOME. (j/k -- but the review did go very well) Anyway, over the past week, I'd been agonizing over whether or not to bring up the subject of San Francisco with the firm. After asking many people (my partner mentor was the one who convinced me it would be a-okay to do), I took the plunge and mentioned it in my review.

No, the world did not come tumbling down.

I wasn't confrontational about it at all; I just mentioned that it was the first time I'd ever lived in NY and that, while I love the firm, I'm not sure yet if I love New York. They seemed to take it pretty well. I didn't commit actually to having made a decision yet, but I figure it's good to have put it on the table.

My partner mentor mentioned that it wasn't unheard of as there have been people who have started in New York who didn't summer here. That is very encouraging. I'd been very worried about jeopardizing my New York offer, and she reassured me it wouldn't do that. *crosses fingers that she was right*

I figure I'll let them marinate on this and then maybe bring up the subject later next week to see if they have any suggestions "if it does come to that [situation where I don't like New York for my permanent position]."

For now, I'm just super happy to have gotten it out in the open.

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