Saturday, July 09, 2005

Fording the River!

I've been watching the horrifically bad but watchable like a train wreck "Into the West" on TNT lately. After having watched the first episode, I've been sucked in, and I can't get out!

It's inspired me, actually, to hunt down a copy of Oregon Trail. Man alive was that game awesome. I loved hunting the little animals. It was always fun to go for the little squirrels or rabbits (the challenging game), but when supplies were low, a big, slow bison or elk was more than welcome. I think it's funny how the most entertaining animals to hunt (the little squirrels or rabbits) always yielded the least amount of meat ("You bring back 2 lb of meat to your camp.") while the easiest ones to hunt (the big elk and bison) yielded WAY too much food for you to carry home ("You hunt 398 lb of meat, but can only bring back 200 lb of meat to your camp.")

Watching "Into the West" has also made me appreciate that "Daniel [really CAN have] died of a broken arm." I think it was the second episode that showed a woman with a broken leg who ended up dying because it got nastily infected and then they tried to amputate (with no drugs and a saw!!! EW!). Man have we gotten soft in the past hundred years.

Random thought: Were there vegetarians in the West?

Random request: Does anybody know where I can download a free copy of Oregon Trail?

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Anonymous said...

Google for "oregon trail download", and the top link is a site for the fifth edition of Oregon Trail. Enjoy!