Monday, July 04, 2005


I've tried to be positive in the past, but it's gotten to the point where I just need to be honest with myself -- I don't think New York is the place for me. It's not my firm -- I really like my firm and the people here. Practically speaking, though, it just isn't financially responsible to come to NY. Personally speaking, I just don't think my homebodiness and I fit in well here. The problem, then, is what to do about it. Do I tell my firm? If so, when? If so, how? I want to avoid doing on-campus interviewing again because my horrendous grades would make it a painful experience. It would also be incredibly cool to stay with the firm I've gotten to know and enjoy. It would be awesome if they could send me over to SF once I graduate. On the other hand, what if my firm refuses to send me over to San Francisco? Will I get an offer from the NY office still? I don't want to be unemployed!!!

On a lighter note, we went to Le Bernardin on Friday. To be honest, it was a bit of a disappointment. I had the lobster first course and the black bass main course. The lobster was tasty enough, but the black bass was a major let down. It didn't have any taste! What's up with that??? For dessert, I had a pretty gosh darn good "Milk Chocolate" dessert, which was milk chocolate mousse and other delectable (tiny) goodies arranged decoratively on a pristinely simple (and obviously expensive in its simplicity) white square plate.

Once again, Jean-Georges was way superior, even more so than it was to Nobu. I'm not surprised; Le Bernardin and Nobu are "only" four star restaurants, after all. *insert hair toss* [/mock snooty heiress tone] As one of my awesome fellow summers said, "I'd been to four star restaurants before, and Jean-Georges was the first five star restaurant I'd ever dined at. You can really taste and feel that fifth star." Surprising, but true.


Anonymous said...

I would definitely wait to get your offer before you tell your firm. If you are worried about doing OCI with bad grades, imagine doing it with bad grades and no offer from your summer firm. After you get your offer, you can talk to your firm about working in another branch. Plus, if for some reason you change your mind and want to stay in NY, you will have the option.

The Law Fairy said...

I agree with anon. Even though I fortunately haven't had to deal with that issue (though I am getting horrifically nervous about which practive group my firm will put me in), the whole offer situation is so nerve-wracking. I think it would be best to get an offer in your back pocket -- that's the most important thing. From there, work on turning it into your ideal situation, even if it means going through OCI (shudder) again. You'd hardly be the first person with less-than-fandamntastic grades to get an offer in the city of your choice.