Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Tonight is a pretty chill night. I admit it; I'm a homebody. It may seem weird, then, that I've chosen NYC as my summer (and likely post-graduate) location. This is, after all, the "city that never sleeps." Why am I here? I guess it's an exercise in extremes. I like being a homebody, but when I go out, I like having the best of choices at my fingertips. There's so much to do/see/feel/experience here that I love knowing that I'll never get bored when I do decide to explore.

I'm loving my firm. Work has been going well, and I'm enjoying the newest assignment that sort of fell into my lap. My assigning attorney for a craptastically bad due diligence contract review assignment left for vacation this week, so she's having me watch over another deal where the client has hired us to form his company. It's pretty awesome.

Yesterday I just about keeled over with foodgasms at Nobu. Since it's Restaurant Week, there was an amazing $20.12 prix fixe menu. Our budget, needless to say, covered that and way way way more. Thus, my meal was an exercise in gluttony. Four of us ordered the Restaurant Week menu and then supplemented up the wazoo in addition to the menu. The menu included, among other traditional dishes like miso soup, this amazingly crazy wonderful black cod with miso. This fish was seriously to die for. In addition to this, I ordered a rock shrimp tempura, which was pretty good. The flavor wasn't quite as complex as I would have expected, and lemon was pretty dominant, which I wasn't expecting. Besides this, though, the meal was fabulous. The dessert included in the Restaurant Week menu was surprisingly delicious. It was a mango and green tea layered sorbet with toasted coconut/crispy cake shavings between layers and a strawberry glaze on top. It was refreshing and wonderful. In addition to this, though, I will admit to super gluttony; I ordered a dessert on top of the included sorbet. I had the Bento Box, which was an oozing chocolate cake with green tea served in a cute little bento box. It was delectable. Overall, I'd say that Nobu is a super close runner up to last week's Jean-Georges. As a comparison, the rock shrimp tempura was good (but not outstanding), and Nobu's decor wasn't as spectacular (it was well-decorated, but not as impressive as Jean-Georges' sweeping windows and calming whites and greens). Note: Since Nobu is Japanese, it's possible its decor is just more simple and understated.

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