Sunday, June 26, 2005

Border's Romance Section = Teenager's Supermarket Equivalent?

You know how the supermarket apparently is the best place to "pick up" people? Well, it seems that bookstores have now become the newest pickup joint -- for high schoolers, anyway.

Yesterday I was in Border's, browsing the "Romance" section. Yes, I read romance novels. No, they will not rot your brain. Why do people mock romance novel readers? It's the most popular genre by far, and more people read them than you'd imagine.

Anyway, I was browsing the Regency romances (which, according to my friend, are"ankle barer" books as opposed to the scandalous porn-quality "bodice rippers") and a kid -- I swear he was probably 18 or so -- interrupts me as I'm reading the back of "The Bath Intrigue." Now, maybe I'm being picky here, but if I'm engrossed in my romance novels, I don't want anybody interrupting my obsession!

This kid tries to pick me up in the middle of the Romance section on the ploy that he's picking out a "gift" and he wants my help. There are so many things wrong with this picture: 1. The romance novel is a very personal choice, and romance novel readers have very particular tastes! I don't want just anybody picking out my romance novels! 2. He's 18!!! 3. In the Romance section of Border's!!! 4. I'm in the middle of a highly rigorous selection process here! 5. The romance novel is a very personal choice!

I couldn't decide if I was annoyed (Hey, don't interrupt me! Very important book selections going on here!) or amused (When it registered in my "The Bath Intrigue"-filled brain that he was in the "Romance" section, he actually said "Hey, don't look at me that way." As in, don't give him the "What are you doing in this section?" look.).

To all you ladies out there, maybe you could test this hypothesis in your respective cities. I look forward to hearing your reports.


DavidNYC said...

And, so, did you give him the "advice" he wanted or what? I say you should have gone for it.

jca said...

A personal choice between one book and the zillion exactly identical others? ;)

odderie said...

Hey hey hey...don't knock it 'til you try it! Let's not be all judgmental here! :)

And DD, he got all tongue tied with my extremely logical reply of "Well, if you want a gift, a romance is probably not the most neutral choice. Why not pick something more universally gift appropriate like a cookbook or journal or something?" You can't say I didn't try.

The Law Fairy said...

Hahahahahaha! Go odderie!

This is why we smart chicks never find men. Sigh...