Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bar Exam Results Next Tuesday

Um, yeah. According to The Site (henceforth known as The Site of Possible Impending Doom), prepare to be shocked on Tuesday, November 14th. And, yes, shocked goes either way -- shocked re: passing or shocked re: F-word.

Mmmm...that? Yes, that is the sound of silence.


The Law Fairy said...


Bar exam results was the most PAINFUL waiting experience ever. Hugs and good luck! Either way, make sure to leave work early and have copious amounts of liquor handy. Seriously. Last year first years were getting drunk at lunch time. It's one of the few valid excuses you have to Just Not Work, so be sure to take full advantage of it!

And, like I told myself this time last year, either way, you have the whole Thanksgiving holiday to get myself good and drunk.

NaughtyVoyeur said...

I just know it!
Or you're grounded!! :)