Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Two Days of Firsts

This has so far been a week of firsts. Yesterday, Nico and I made some serious progress with bonding as he headbutted me for the first time. And then the second time. And third. And fourth. And...well, you get the picture. It was also the first day he made it all the way upstairs to my bedroom. Here he is sleeping on my stairs.

Today was the first day of "work." I say "work" because we're still in orientation, and, no matter how agonizing it is to sit through 2.5 hours of "The History of Technology According to Our IT Guy," that isn't technically work. I was assigned to M&A for my first rotation, though, and I'm happy about that. I also have a pretty chill officemate and the window view desk. Yippee! (It's the little things, really.)

Nico hasn't really played with me much tonight, though. He's upstairs napping under my bed right now. I pulled the window shades to the side before I left so that he could more easily sit on the window ledge to look outside. Maybe that pooped him out? *nibbles lip* Is it a sign of inevitable codependence that I'm wondering if my cat is avoiding me?

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