Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Brighter Days

It is officially shorts and skirts weather here in Chicago. Today was the "coldest" day of the week so far at a pathetic "high" of 72 degrees. C'mon, Mother Nature! Is that all you got?!

As I trudge to Bar Review daily (the courses, not the locales for gatherings of imbibing law students) and do homework after homework after homework, I find my fingers distractingly typing many er...distracting things into that there "Internet."

This weekend, for example, we are off to sunny (or, more accurately, sweltering) Las Vegas for a little bachelorette's party weekend. My fingers have busily been planning away our hedonism -- or at least as planning away as you can be for hedonism. You heard me. Vegas hedonism. That's all you're gonna hear, too, because, as we all know, "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas."

New York also distracts as I freak out about finding an apartment like a kid who forgot his last six doses of Ritalin. I have Plans, oh yes, I do have Plans, but will they yield results? Time will only tell.

And finally my most exciting distraction of late -- my bar trip appears to be just around the corner. And this time (unlike past wishy washy planning), FOR REAL around the corner. Like shit or get off the pot-style. After I nixed last spring break's plans in favor of Puerto Rico with the gals, my heart was set on finally heading to Berlin, Italy, and possibly Greece for a month. This is still a possibility, but recently...dawning on the horizon of the Serengeti is a new possibility to replace or augment my current unplanned-plans. Two week overland safari in southern Africa?? This is just in its fetal stage, so it may not pan out, but recently I've been pricing things, and it doesn't look as prohibitively and dauntingly costly as I'd expected. So...maybe two weeks in Africa and two weeks in Italy? Who knows! In case you can't tell, these are the days to which I reference in the title of this post: carefree post-Bar days whose most complicated decisions involve, oh, wondering which fabulous exotic country to tour next.

Ah...soon, this day will come!


The Law Fairy said...


The month or two right after the Bar will be like the best of your life. I'm so excited for you :)

And I can't wait for Vegas!! Oh my God I'm seeing you tomorrow!

Tricia said...

You should do both Italy and Africa. The bar trip is the time to go all out! (Seriously, I did Rome and New Zealand.) Just make sure you give plenty of time to each.

On The Rebound said...

If only you knew how my day was going. I was searching for one thing and I ended up here. Now you see how that might affect me!