Sunday, March 26, 2006

Rapid Fire

1. I'm back!
2. Puerto Rico was awesome.

Doesn't Casa Bacardi look like the Scrooge McDuck Mansion in Duck Tales?
- The good: It was relaxing, sunny, and warm. The Bacardi tour was awesome and (surprise surprise market capitalists) FREE. Pina coladas. A craps table. Putting a dollar into the nickel machine and cashing out twenty. Lying on the beach with the sole concern of whether or not I need to reapply sunscreen. Perfect.
- The bad: Casa Bacardi tour direct quote from audience member: "Where's Santiago de Cuba?" quickly followed by "What's so bad about Cuba? I had a friend who visited there, and everybody she met was really happy!"
- The ugly: I have a semi-handprint sunburn on my back. Yeesh!
3. UCLA is in the Final Four. The Memphis game was a little less dramatic, but the Gonzaga! Was that Sweet Sixteen comeback win ridiculous or what?!
4. I'm not a big fan of Chinese food generally, but I love it whenever I go back home.
5. Even though I of course love my family because they're my family, I really really don't like them sometimes. I know. I'm horrible.
6. Discovered: On the airplane, sitting next to someone who smells like the bottom of an ashtray is actually worse than sitting next to someone who's 400 pounds.


Fozzie Bear said...

Why wouldn't you want Castro to make Bacardi?

The Law Fairy said...

Because then it would be called Castro! And it would probably be illegal in the US -- you never know, it might turn us into Commies.

Albert Clifford Slater said...

If communism is a rum and coke then I'm packing my Che Guevarra shirt and moving!

Bacardi & Cola, they get the job done!

If by job you mean intoxication and if by intoxication you mean the belief in a society where the citizenry are, hopefully, all on equal economic footing.