Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Unparalleled Paranoia

Today I spent a solid twenty minutes looking for my keys. Over here, over there, everywhere. Since I have a studio, there really aren't too many places to look. Where did I find them? In the lock. SCARY. I felt alternately relieved and scared shitless.

Here's a thought, though...why are things always in the last place you expected them to be? Is it just sheer ridiculousness? Or is it because that's the last place you looked? Let's all hear it: Hrmmmmm...

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DarthImmortal said...

I've done the same thing before. In fact I did it again last week. I was in a hurry and loaded down with groceries. I forgot my garage door opener so I entered the front door only to leave my keys in the door. Luckily I remembered what I did so I found them quickly.