Thursday, April 27, 2006

Rant: Barnes & Noble Can Kiss My Noble Ass

Barnes & Noble,

I hate you so much right now. I called to see if you had a book. You didn't. I special ordered it. That was two weeks ago. When I ordered it, they said "oh, it should be here in a few days." I went back five days later. Then eight days later. NADA. You SUCK. I was having a shitty day today. I decided I would check if it was there on my way back from school. I unfortunately had to double park (saw the yellow paint, DIDN'T see the fire hydrant). I ran in and asked the person at the customer service desk. She was a bitch, looked at me with a sour face, and told me she was helping someone else. You left me standing there. I went to the cashier to ask him if the book had arrived. He started looking it up, then had to go ring someone up. You got another woman to help me. She looked it up. MIRACLE OF MIRACLES, IT HAD ARRIVED. THAT DAY. How incompetent ARE you people?? Then I had to wait long minutes for you to retrieve the book. Those extra three minutes LITERALLY cost me $100. Because when I came out, THERE WAS A FUCKING TICKET ON MY WINDSHIELD. TIME STAMPED TO THREE MINUTES AGO. BARNES & NOBLE, I HATE YOU.

And that is why I will always shop at Borders, now and forevermore.

Fuck off,


DarthImmortal said...

I stopped buying books from Barnes & Noble and Borders because you can get them cheaper on line. Try Amazon used books. Most of the time they are new but they are always at least 25% to 50% cheaper than retail. You would not believe the markup on books. My last two years of undergrad, I bought all book on line and very cheap. I Never had any problems either.

Pope-rah said...

good googlily moogily! that sucks. I hope you at least enjoy the book.

SenatorK said...

Now's probably not a good time to tell you that the boycott against Borders is still on because they refuse to carry magazines featuring the Mohammad cartoons.

But it IS probably a good time to say that you look way hot in your Friendster pictures.

NaughtyVoyeur said...

Amen Odd!! Fuck those fuckers! I feel the same way about Best Buy. Just can't stand the idiots there, either!

Anonymous said...

Barnes and Noble FUCKING SUCKS!!!!! I used to work for them and they hate people, they hate their employees and they hate their customers. THE FUCKIN SUCK!!!!