Friday, April 14, 2006

One-Two Punch

1) I just made a t-shirt. Yay.
2) I want to be a hotel reviewer, an event planner, and an interior designer.
Today's revelation of my perfect profession: Owner of Boutique Hotel Chain


bird said...

cute! Loves it.

And I won't make any lawyer jokes.

So, are you a defense or prosecution?

I am too dumb to be any kind of lawyer, so I admire you. I do love Law and Order. It is one of my fave shows (Is that stupid?)

odderie said...

Hey, bird!

Nothing nearly that exciting. I'm still in law school, but I'll be pushing papers in my firm's corporate department when I get there in the fall. :)

Law & Order is soooooo not a stupid fave show. It's one of my favorites, too! Well, I like Law & Order:SVU better than original Law & Order, but both are top notch in my books.