Tuesday, April 18, 2006

For Once This School Is Good For SOMETHING

So my parents, brother, and a few miscellaneous relatives are coming into town for graduation. They are rather helpless when it comes to making travel arrangements, so I've been calling around to hotels for pricing and availability information. The title of this post refers to my getting a superb hotel price through the University of Chicago's affiliate special pricing plan. Woohoo for that.

The funniest/most noteworthy part of the general mission, however, leads me to wonder how I could possibly spend a full hour talking to Burt, a reservations agent for the Le Meridien line of hotels. Is my life so pathetic that I now chat up unknown, unseen college freshmen in Tampa, Florida?!


JacksonMuttley said...

Jack feels your pain. He had sex with a sophmore last night! DAMN!

Rich said...

You care to fill me in on how you did this Odderie?