Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Today, Justice Breyer spoke at the law school on a provocative topic: "Judicial Activism: Power without Responsibility?" He was very engaging, and I enjoyed the talk. Two highlights, though, that I'd like to single out:

1) When he was talking about the Federal Arbitration Act's exception, he kept saying the word "seamen," which I thought sounded a lot like.......tee hee hee..............something else.

2) In one of his responses to a question, Justice Breyer mentioned briefly that he was back in San Francisco recently, visiting his high school Lowell High. I went to Lowell High. How do you think he'd have reacted if I'd raised my hand and asked "So, Justice Breyer, what do you think of that new science wing [that Lowell just built]? Took 'em long enough, huh?"


The Law Fairy said...

You got Breyer?? That's so awesome! When I was a 1L, we got treated to a walk-out by Scalia on my darling sweetiekins Strauss while he was teaching Civ Pro.

You *so* should've pushed the alumni connection :)

Anonymous said...

You can listen to the podcast at uchicagolaw.typepad.com.

How's that for a shameless plug?

Albert Clifford Slater said...

You gotta think that public speakers would avoid the obvious one's, like seamen and pianist. How 'bout sailors and piano players?

The Law Fairy said...

Whoa... O -- you have anonymous commenters *plugging* the faculty blog. Do any of the profs/admin know who you are?

(Here's where I *could* throw out a random student name to confuse them, but some of them might know who *I* am and then I might be in trouble) ;)

JCA said...

I'm curious too.

Not to mention sorry I missed Breyer, J. In my scant two years on the mothership I never got to meet a single SCOTUS justice.

Although we'll always have Ginsburg and Mikva, JJ...and our CA7 homies :)

Anonymous said...

Oh,we know who you are. We know who you ALL are.

odderie said...

Look out. Big Brother is watching.

(Weird...word verification is "podokis." My new word of the day!)

Max Power said...

oh shit! the faculty's reading this! abort! abort! Pack up the tent! Evacuate!