Friday, January 13, 2006

Venting (Twice)

I rarely use the word "hate" because I feel as though very few things in this world lack any redeeming quality.

I hate the small dryers in my building's laundry room.

They have a drying time of 50 minutes. That is a really long and inefficient length of time for a dryer to be running. It's also a really long time to be waiting on laundry. Especially when, after the 50 minutes, everything in there is still damp. I am so frustrated with these damn dryers. They have a completely ineffective ventilation system, so I have a feeling the heat just recirculates. I hate them.

On a marginally less severe note, I am extremely annoyed with a new dog that someone near me has acquired. I'm not entirely sure which apartment has this new dog, but let's just say it's loud enough for me to hear it. Constantly. At all hours. It's one of those small yappy dogs that, once started, barks incessantly. Yap! yap! yap! yapyapyapyap! yap!yap! Yap! yap! yapyap! yap!yap! Yap! yap! yapyap! yap! yap! yapyapyapyap! yap!yapyapyapyap! yap!yap! Yap! yap! yap! yapyapyapyap! Yap! yap! yap! yap! yapyap! yap!yap! Yap! yap! yapyap!

Now imagine that at 4AM.

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