Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Most useless gift?

Is it just me or are stuffed animals the most useless gift out there?

Don't get me wrong -- I myself have a few (that are all mighty cute).

Really, though ... is there any purpose to a stuffed animal beyond looking cute?


Rich said...

Not the most useless. Particularly for the young or young-at-heart, they can serve a valuable emotional purpose, and calm down their owner in bad times. So while they are pretty useless, I'd say they're more useful than a pet rock.

Max Power said...

So what else are you suppose to give women? Jewelry? Hahahahaha.

So what would you like for a late Christmas present?

The Law Fairy said...

Hello, odderie? Where else will you hide the drugs?

Albert Clifford Slater said...

Stuffed animals are given as gifts to ward off evil spirits. They are also imbued with the power of Chthulu in hopes that they will someday come to life and bring him a suitable host body and restore him to his throne of power...that or like law fairy said, drugs.

lakhawk said...

By the time you are our age (I flatter myself when I say 'our') new stuffed animals are ineed useless. You have one or two that have sentimental value, or course, but you don't need new ones. Particularly if they come as a free gift when your boyfriend's mother has spent a certain amount of money (on others) at a department store. Not like that's ever happened to me or anything...errr...ummm...yeah. I agree with odderie