Saturday, December 03, 2005


As I sit here with only 4.6 pages of my 15 page (according to the prof, but 10-15 according to me) paper, I wonder "Can I teach myself Tax in six days?"

Furthermore, as Daddy Pose writes in his away message, "Has anyone ever had a law firm take back an offer because they got all C's their third year?"

Your thoughts.

Edit: By popular demand, the second half of Daddy Pose's away message: ...All D's? (Sub-question: Is it even possible to get all D's in law school these days? Seriously, even if you were to write "Prof. X rapes baby seals with aborted fetuses and I slept with his wife" in purple crayon on every exam, do you think you could get straight D's?)"


Marissa said...

"Can I teach myself Tax in six days?"

I say yes. I was a horrible tax student... never did any reading all quarter and had no idea what anything even meant. Took a couple of days and went cover to cover through Examples & Explanations. Everything went OK. So I think you can do it too. :)

As for the other question... I have no clue.

Good luck with the paper!

The D to the P said...

Let's be clear: the second half of my away message was probably funnier than the first (if much, much more offensive).

darlyn said...

Just e-mailed you a tax present.. don't worry, you can learn it in 2 days!