Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Buh-bye, Bulgari

In Rome, I bought a fancy shmancy souvenir -- a key ring from Bulgari. It set me back a pretty penny, and it was a great reminder of a fun week.

Yes, "was."

The clip part broke off about a month ago, so I brought it into the Michigan Avenue store to try to have it repaired.

They told me today that they can't repair it. I asked about some sort of warranty on the item. They said there was no warranty on "leather goods." It seems to me that, with the high price of all of these luxury goods, there should be SOME kind of warranty no matter what the product. Can we say "implied warranty of merchantability?"

Thus, as of right now, I proclaim war on Bulgari and henceforth boycott their products. He wasn't even apologetic about it. How rude.

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The Law Fairy said...

Did you use the "I'm a law student" line? You should back with a copy of the UCC in hand :)