Tuesday, August 02, 2005

SF Uber-Update

Alas, after popping my head into the Hiring Partner's office to find out FINALLY what the star is going on here, I have my answer. It is apparently "not likely" to happen this summer (for me to go to SF at the end of the summer). It is "logistically difficult." He had the Recruiting Manager "follow up on it," which I find highly curious because the Recruiting Manager has been on vacation (in the middle of the summer program, yes) for the past two weeks. Anyway, at least now I know that they're at the least reluctant and at the most downright opposed to my going to SF...as of now. So I've devised a plan:

1) Lay low on the NY front and just earn my offer at the NY office.
2) Get the hell out of NY the day after the program's over, go back to Chicago, then go straight to SF the very next day, do not pass go, do not collect $200 -- SF here I come!
3) Once I'm in SF, contact the SF lawyer I know at my firm and see if she can get the lay of the land for me with their Recruiting while holding the whole "She has an offer in NY, but she'd rather be in SF near her family, etc." card. Offer to come in, interview at the SF office, the works, etc.
4) Cross my fingers majorly that this will work out.
5) Talk to Awesome Partner who is at Palo Alto Firm that I got an offer from. Mention that NY sucks and SF rocks. Pray to god he'll once again see how awesome I am, go to Recruiting on my behalf, say I can come in and meet people and let them get to meet me, and then get an offer as an incoming Associate for Firm.
6) In the meanwhile, prepare to do OCI because the probability that all will work out is so-so at most.

Yay for reinterviewing with below-median grades. No worries. I will make up for all with my spahhh-kling personality, dahhh-ling. *flips hair* Whee!

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jca said...

what the star! :)