Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Ching Ching Goes The Bling Bling

Last Wednesday, we made a trip up to Mohegan Sun for a fun real-life Casino Night event. I played craps for real this time. My friend and I were partners in crime (figuratively speaking, of course). We were major high rollers. Awww yeah. After cashing in a whopping $20, we had our chips in hand and were ready to play. After two and a half hours of majorly fun entertainment, he and I left the tables, running back to catch the party bus on its way back to NYC. Aha. But we did not leave before cashing in our chips. Oh yes indeedy. I cashed in $60 and he cashed in $50. We were rollin' in it! :)

The party bus was fun on the way back. By then, everyone had finished up the beer on the way up, so the more adventurous of us moved on to the mysterious decanters of brown and clear (a.k.a. "white") liquids that came with the party bus. It turns out that brown was tequila and white was GOD-awful vodka (in the style of large-plastic-jug vodka). And yes, there were partners and associates on board, including Hiring Partner. Anyway, (bartenders take note) let's just say that three new drinks came into creation that night: White & Sprite (self-explanatory), Brown & Coke (also self-explanatory), and (drumroll) for the truly adventurous, the Rainbow (brown & white together).

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