Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Lunch Home Stretch

Today we went to Aureole, which was incredible. I had the summer tasting menu, which was a fabulous deal that I highly recommend. The menu included a strawberry & ricotta tart, a striped bass dish, and a lamb dish that had lamb so supple, it was like eating butter. Mmmm... We had high expectations for dessert because Zagat had warned to save room for the "show-stopping" desserts. In reality, Aureole definitely delivered. I had the bittersweet and milk chocolate marquise, which was sinfully rich but wonderful. It was an interesting experience, too, because we ordered the creme brulee parade for the table, which included traditional creme brulee, chocolate chipotle creme brulee (pretty good!), and sweet corn creme brulee, which was...in one word...narsty. Oh well. You know me; I'll try anything once!

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