Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Just Like Home, But Not

On Saturday, I went OUT-out with a few friends for my last weekend in NYC. We went to Bed, which was pretty cool and filled with Beautiful People. The drink that I had (the "Horny Little Devil") was disgustingly strong and tequila-heavy, but the food was surprisingly good and plentiful. Overall, the night was fun, and it was cool to do exactly what I would do at home (lounge around in bed) while people-watching and feeling like part of the social crowd.

One of the things about being social in NY, though, is the feeling of hierarchy and class. It actually gets pretty depressing to think about how self-important people are and how entitled the Beautiful People act when encountered with the oh-so-fabled Velvet Rope. If I were to stay in NY, I doubt my self-confidence would survive many nights OUT-out.

More my style was the awesome Single Room Occupancy (a.k.a. SRO) that is just around the corner from my sublet. It's this tiny underground wine & beer bar that has an unmarked doorfront and a buzzer you need to ring for entrance. While this might sound more self-important sounding than the huge clubs, it's not. It actually felt intimate and comfortable, and the people there were welcoming. At the point where you know where to go, that's all that matters.

I guess my forays into New York nightlife were fleeting but varied. If anybody can recommend anything that might seem more my style, please do share.

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