Friday, July 15, 2005

A random observation

Tonight I went to a release party for Harry Potter 6 at a little independent bookstore in SoHo. There was a tarot card reader (TRES cool -- she actually talked about my New York/San Francisco problem at work and the important people who will be making the decisions ultimately) and a palm reader (not as cool -- she seemed young and inexperienced with little detail or indications of where she was basing her reading on). Anyway, I have the book now (yay), but a random observation just occurred to me (2 hours later, granted) that I felt compelled to document.

So I bought a new pin/brooch yesterday (okay okay, Thursday), and I wore it today (okay okay, Friday -- you get the picture!!). Mind you, this was a new pin/brooch, tags on and all. I was standing in line for the palm reader when a woman who was in the line for the tarot card reader said my brooch was lovely. I thanked her. She asked if it was from the '40s. I said "No, I actually just bought it yesterday." She asks "Oh, is it old? Like at a vintage store?" I said "No, it was brand new at a little shop near Grand Central." She says "Well, it's very lovely." We chat a bit more about HP6's release.

Then she mentions that she has a new book that was just released, too.

It's called...wait for this...

Small Mediums at Large: The True Tale of a Family of Psychics

Think about that for a sec.


Random observation: If she's a psychic, shouldn't she be able to tell that the pin/brooch was brand-spankin' new?


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