Friday, July 15, 2005

Life & Lunch

Yesterday (well, Thursday anyway...) I saw Altar Boyz, an Off-Broadway musical about a boy band...that preaches the word of God. It was, in short, hilariously awesome. I won't waste your time with the details, but suffice to say that a musical that features songs such as "Something About You (Girl, You Make Me Wanna Wait)" ("Girl, you make me wanna wait / At least until our wedding date / So 'till then, I'll mast' own fate") is bust a gut funny. The critics were right that, if you loved Avenue Q, you'll love Altar Boyz. Highly recommended.

Last week was an Asian round-up of lunches. On Tuesday, at my suggestion, we went for Korean barbecue over at Kum Gang San over in K-town. It was awesome. We ordered a BUNCH of food (Korean beef, jap chae, scallion pancakes, etc.) and it was all delicious. We may have left smelling like we brought the BBQ back with us to the office, but it was well worth it.

Wednesday I went to Boi, a Vietnamese place close to the office. I ordered the sizzling crepes, with which I was not at all impressed. I guess that's what I get for ordering something that sounds very UNauthentic at an ethnic food place. I wouldn't write off the restaurant entirely, though, because the partner who was in our group had a grilled lemongrass pork over noodles that was truly excellent. A lot of complex flavors just rolling around on the tongue. Mmmm... For dessert, I had a toasted sesame sundae, which was nice and refreshing on that humid NYC summer day.

Today we went to the ultra hip and trendy Megu for Japanese food. As seems likely to be the case for ultra hip and swanky new restaurants, I found Megu to be quite spectacular in its decor and interior "finishing touches" while unfortunately lackluster in service and only good in food (as opposed to amazing). I had a toro roll (which was yummy) and the chef's (cooked) tasting menu, which was overall pretty tasty except for the grilled fish (yellowtail, I think), which was just narsty. My dessert was really cool, though. (I had a green tea crepe.) Don't get me wrong -- the presentation and design of the place was amazing, but the execution (service wasn't well-trained and food wasn't all that sparkling, either) could have been better. This is, after all, a restaurant, people. Let's make some good food happen!

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