Friday, June 17, 2005

More Food (Surprise Surprise)

On Thursday, we went to Sushiden, a little sushi place on East 49th St. Let me start by saying that my previous experience with Sushi Yasuda set a pretty high bar for sushi in the Murray Hill area. We unfortunately weren't able to get a table at Sushi Yasuda, so we headed to Sushiden in search of another local sushi place. While Sushiden wasn't as incredible as Sushi Yasuda, it was still a solid runner-up. I had a spider roll, a spicy tuna roll, a piece of octopus sushi and a piece of toro sashimi. It was really good, and the place was pretty fun because we had a private table (complete with the shoes-left-outside, paper walls, etc.). For dessert I had red bean ice cream. I convinced my fellow summer (who wasn't planning to get dessert) to get the black sesame sorbet (just because it sounded fun...and because I wanted to try it). It was really odd looking on the dish, quickly melting into a puddle of black tar-water. It wasn't odd tasting, though, so I'd definitely recommend it for its novelty factor.

Today we went to Tabla, which was towards the top of my "want to go there" list. After a week of solid American (steaks everywhere!), I've been desperate for some (I hate to say this) "ethnic" foods. At least Tabla was Indian influenced. (And the day before's Sushiden was quite obviously not steak and potatoes, too.) Tabla was delicious and had a very chill atmosphere. I had the Chef's Menu, from which I chose the duck samosa, the nut-crusted halibut, and the pear bread pudding. Mmmmm...

As a work-related side note, my office mate continues to drive me crazy. Newest thing: Using the speakerphone. Who uses the speakerphone in a shared office??

On the way back home from work, as expected, I once again got distracted. I found the perfect present for my cousin, though, which is very very exciting. She, my aunt, and my uncle are arriving Saturday night and will be staying in NYC for a week. They're here as a graduation present for my cousin. My initial impulse was to get something small and cute from Tiffany, but after visiting the GIGANTIC store on Fifth Avenue, I wasn't bowled over by any of the choices. Continuing my way back home, though, I came across the perfect store and the perfect gift! I walked into the Coach store as it was about to close and browsed right up to something that I would have used in undergrad. I bought this very cute wristlet in black. It's perfect for college because you're always on the go around the dorms, and sometimes you just don't want to lug a purse and/or you don't have pockets to carry your keys/student ID/cash/etc. Let's hope she likes it!


jca said...

OMG. My boss at my very first job ever took me out to a welcome lunch at Sushiden (a few days before she morphed into a total harpy). The job lasted four months; glad to see the restaurant lasted longer.

DavidNYC said...

The black tar "sesame" ice cream was not weird tasting? You're nuts. I can't believe you goaded me into ordering it. And the mochi - freaky!