Friday, May 27, 2005

Two-thirds of a lawyer!

I'm done!

On Thursday I took my last final of the year, and I am now officially a 3L. I still remember when I was entering as a 1L and the 3Ls seemed oh-so-wise and knowledgeable. Now I'm one of them. (While some might say that it's not nearly as exciting to finish 2L as it is to finish 1L or 3L, I say a pox on you people! This is rockstar awesome.)

On Tuesday, I found out that our Bankruptcy grades from last term had been posted. This was not good news. Literally scared out of my mind of that exam, I had spent a good week and a half trying to figure out the basics (let alone the ins-and-outs) of Bankruptcy Law. It was not pretty. Last term, right before the Bankruptcy exam, our Trademarks grades were posted from the term before. I did horribly in Trademarks, and it really dampened my spirits for the Bankruptcy showdown. Determined not to have that happen this time, I waited until after Con Law to check my Bankruptcy grade. Guess what???? I did okay!! Okay, not stellar, but definitely not shabby. I was flippin' ecstatic to see that precious median posted both so innocuously and so mercilessly on the website.

I leave for New York on Sunday (muy exciting). On Monday I head to San Francisco (again, muy exciting) to chill with my parental units until Wednesday, which is when my firm's orientation kickoff event in San Francisco begins.

Time is flying by so quickly. I've dropped off my car with a friend, who has awesomely agreed to car-sit. I've dropped off my plants with a friend's hubby, who has awesomely agreed to plant-sit. I have yet to pack or even clean my apartment, but that doesn't bother me. It's not like I'll be gone forever. At least for now, though, it feels pretty damn good to know that there's no longer anything to stop me from going.

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