Saturday, May 28, 2005

Necessary Reproduction, STAT

Last night at dinner, a group of us (among them LawFairy) got onto the topic of hotness and who should feel a duty to reproduce in order to contribute positively to the overall aesthetics of the human race. We agreed upon Angelina Jolie (the epitome of hotttness, in my opinion) and Antonio Banderas (mmmmmmmmm...). TAB mentioned their movie "Original Sin" and its porn-like qualities. Intriguing.

Amazingly enough, "Original Sin" is on TV tonight. I am, of course, now watching it. And the world makes sense.

As an aside, other people who need to reproduce (and not adopt -- I mean actually share their genes with the world):
Charlize Theron
Brad Pitt
Taye Diggs
Lucy Liu
Natalie Portman
Halle Berry


The Law Fairy said...

Salma Hayek! SALMA HAYEK!!

Roonie said...

Natalie Portman - no.

Gael Garcia Bernal, Catherine Zeta Jones, Eduardo Verastegui - resounding yes!

odderie said...

Really? I think Natalie Portman is gorgeous!

I gotta agree on all the other four, lawfairy and fayza. Hard to believe that Catherine Zeta Jones has had kids...just with Michael Douglas, that's all. *grimace*


No, no, no.
I agree

MYKONOS said...

I dont know these