Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Cozying up to mind-numbing entertainment...

Last night, after reading dozens upon dozens of Con Law pages (about which I am seriously disgruntled. If you're reading this, Prof, it's not our fault you spent the first five weeks on one section only to steamroll through the next 200 pages! I shake my fist at you!) and finally leaving the library around 10PM, I came back to my apartment with the uncompromising decision to do something completely and utterly mind-numbing. Plopping down on the couch, I turned the TV on to "Murder by Numbers" and picked up my crocheting. A couple of things occur to me about my night:

Two weekends ago, I taught myself how to crochet. I am now a crochet addict. In eager anticipation of my fantabulous iPod mini, which I earned through Westlaw by religiously collecting loyalty points, I have been creating little iPod pouches that I lovingly call the iCozy (for those who have NO clue what a "cozy" is, think tea cozy, but for the iPod...and yes, you may need to stretch your imagination a bit.). Yes, this is likely a misappropriation of what should be the Apple trademark in the use of "i" to designate things that are associated with the iPod, but, as they do not have that trademark (at least, I don't think they do...yet), I'm assuming it's okay (for now). Perhaps the proliferation of my iCozy will permeate the marketplace, thus making the iCozy MY trademark, the "i" preceding the "Cozy" notwithstanding. There's probably long trademarks law analysis further to be made, but, given my not-so-stellar performance in that class, I think I should stop while I (delude myself into thinking that I) am still ahead.

"Murder by Numbers" was fairly good. At the very least, it was good for the purpose I wanted it to serve, specifically mind-numbing entertainment as compared to Con Law reading. POSSIBLE SPOILER: One thing that really caught my interest, though, was the killers' use of vinyl/plastic/some other similar material body suits and Saran wrap around their hair and eyebrows. This plastification was in addition to the gloves, duct tape around the victim's mouth, etc. found in the "usual" crime movies. I was so surprised and pleased (in a twisted "I-know-this-is-fiction" way) to see somebody make use of this whole body suit idea. Why? Well, after having watched episode upon episode of Law & Order (SVU is better than CI, by the way) and CSI, I'd always wondered why criminals didn't commit their crimes in Cameron Diaz-in-Charlie's Angels-inspired body suits, which would keep any stray hairs, skin flakes, toe fungus, other-DNA-extractable-body-things, etc. under control. in this unlikely 11PM movie finding did I find that I am not crazy, after all, and this really is a legitimate possibility.

Okay okay, go ahead and point it out: "I know this is fiction." Okay, so it's fiction...maybe it's not REALLY a legitimate possibility in the end. But it's fun to think that maybe, just maybe, I might have a future in impossible-crimes/only-in-the-movies screenwriting.


The Law Fairy said...

And notwithstanding MY abysmal performance in trademarks, I'll be happy to represent you should you decide to pursue your right to exclusive use of the term iCozy :)

When I buy my iPod, by the way, I want one!

odderie said...

Aw thanks! :)

"With our powers combined..."