Friday, June 06, 2008

Done 4.

I paid off my (high-interest private) loans this week.


good. :)


Busted said...

It is an awesome feeling, isn't it?! Congrats!!! (Unfortunately we still have the hubby's to contend with).

(P.S. - this is the blogger formerly known as turgid, of turgid old blog kind of got the axe a long time ago but I've still been reading yours).

Darlyn said...

Congrats sweetie! Feels like a million years before I'll finish paying for mine. Ugh!

odderie said...

Thanks to both of you!!

busted (f/k/a turgid), it DOES feel awesome. Granted, I still have the feds, but whatevs -- those are at like 2%, so who really gives, right? Now...time to pick out a new purse... :)

Ms. Darlyn, I MISS YOU! And fear not -- you will be done with yours soon enough! The Force is strong in that one. ;)