Saturday, June 16, 2007

A "Seinfeld" Episode: Birdbrained

I don't/didn't watch "Seinfeld," and I personally think it's pretty dumb. However, tonight I had a distinctly "Seinfeld" moment (as confirmed by an avid watcher of "Seinfeld").

As I threw open the living room window, I slid my birdfeeder (which was suctioned to the window's surface) right off the window and watched in horror as the feeder fell to its presumed demise five floors below. I stuck my head out of the window, all the while thinking a-mile-a-minute dire thoughts about liability, how a quarter dropped off the Empire State building can kill someone, etc etc.

I looked down...and breathed a gust of relief that, due to the construction they are currently doing on my roof (which has yielded heavy work boots-stomping on my ceiling at 8am -- a whole OTHER rant I could go into), there was scaffolding below that stopped said birdfeeder one story before hitting street a.k.a. liability level.

As my visitors and I got a laugh out of the Birdfeeder Incident, I can't help but continue to be amused by wondering what the roofing gents will think when they arrive on Monday morning to see a sunflower seeds explosion.

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