Saturday, June 23, 2007

On the 6

The train ride back home today was host to a most entertaining conversation. Two guys -- a skinny Asian guy in ripped jeans and a pretty built black guy are sitting across from each other on the train. I picked up this snippet of conversation after overhearing the Asian guy say "I watched my first porno when I turned 18." Then I lost the conversation and somehow I picked it back up at this point:

Asian dude ("A"): Have you ever seen that pig movie? That Disney pig movie?
Black dude ("B"): You mean "Babe," right?
A: Yeah, "Babe." ...I like pigs.
B: Me too, pigs are the shiz.
A: Hell yeah, you know what pigs got? Pigs got BACON. And that shit is delicious.
B: know what's good? Bacon with bleu cheese and some ranch dressing.
A: Ugararrrgh. Bleu cheese tastes like BUTT.
B: know, butt doesn't taste too bad, either.

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The Law Fairy said...

Bet you're glad now you didn't make out with him.