Wednesday, February 14, 2007

"We are one step closer to having sexbots."

Direct quote from my friend upon watching this video.

So the $3925 question for those allergy sufferers is...would you rather pay $75 for a Yume-Neko Smile or $4000 for a hypoallergenic "lifestyle" cat?

The $3925 Question
$75 Kitty Robot
$4000 Hypoallergenic "Lifestyle" Cat
$0 Pound Kitty, allergies be damned!
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Not-So-Naughty Voyeur said...

No kitties! More sexbots! Yesss!

The Law Fairy said...

If I'm gonna get a cat, I want a real cat, not some fake robo-cat. Those can't be much fun to pet.

But since I also enjoy having eyesight, I'd have to spring for the hypoallergenic kitty.

OR just stick with my precious lil' rescue puppy :) Yay for Cujo!