Wednesday, January 03, 2007

When did 9pm become early?

As I read this article about how education is connected to longer life and better health, I can't help but think that law school is the exception. Law school, after all, leads to lawyering for many of us. Putting in twelve billables means pretty much sitting on your ass at least twelve hours that day. And, if you're like me, you're sitting down in front of the computer, probably a little slouched over, getting carpal tunnel. You order food on the firm's/client's dime, and you are munching as you're huddled over your work. You are too tired to go to the gym, and, anyway, who wants to go to the gym after midnight? You're likely sleep deprived and have waning relationships with all of the people who mean the most to you because you keep having to "wait another 15 minutes and we'll know" or "finish this up; it needed to be done yesterday." Yeah, I'm a little disgruntled. Could you tell?

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The Law Fairy said...

That's one of the things that disgusts me most. I say you create, or hell, fabricate, a schedule with Nico such that you Absolutely Must Leave by, say, ten p.m. every night. They give us these freaking leash-like blackberries anyway, it's not like when you leave the office you're going to Tahiti. If there's something that absolutely has to be done that evening, more likely than not it can be done from your home. OR they can take the time they need to actually get their shit together, and then call you once they figure it out.

Seriously. I know it's scary to think about Actually Making Decisions Without Consulting Your Partner (horrors!!!!!) but keep in mind you're a fully grown-up professional, with your own life and everything. If you had, say, kids or something to take care of they couldn't very well expect you to work into the wee hours every single night (and they can't discriminate against single/childless people -- you have a life too!!). If this is a constant pattern with them, stand up for yourself. There's no reason for you to sit there twiddling your thumbs while they make you wait on them. And if all else fails, inform them you'll be billing the time you wait for their response. And DO IT.

Hugs sweetie!! I miss you!!