Thursday, December 07, 2006


Now that I've had a ridunkulous number of late nights in a row eating on the client's dime and then some, I have come up with The Ultimate Strategy to getting my SeamlessWeb food to me ASAP, STAT. After ordering what I need to order, it's 99% of the time cushily under the firm's $25 "limit."


My strategy is to lay on a phatty tip, up to the limit. And it works.

See, e.g., today I ordered at 7:07PM, and I received my "delivery downstairs" phone call at 7:23PM. See also, yesterday I ordered at 7:23PM, and I received my "delivery downstairs" phone call at 7:47PM.

Coincidence? I think not!


darlyn said...


Maybe we should experiment!

Anonymous said...

Yo, odderie, this is someone that knows you. My name rhymes with bus; and I need to chat with you about something that rhymes with bususical. Unfortunately, I've lost your e-mail. When you get a chance, could you drop me a note?

Oh, and to keep this comment on point--can you have sushi ordered on the firm's dime? If so, I just might hang up my government shoes and go the firm route.

--Someone whose name rhymes with bus

Marissa said...

I need to try this! My last Seamless web order estimated 20-35 minutes and took almost an hour.

Where Productivity Goes to Die said...

Define "Co-Dependent" - the girl who has worked at a big firm for a year and a half and has only used seamless web ONCE, because she prefers to wait until she gets home to eat with the hubby, even if that is at 12 am...

Should I decide to use it again, however, now I have a strategy.

Anonymous said...

Oh man.

I miss the bususical so much...

Bus, what happened to your blog???

Odderie, I like your strategy. Sadly, my firm's stingy $15 limit means I'm doomed to a lifetime of long waits for my order-in dinner.

Fortunately, I usually leave work at 6:30 and finish from home, since I have to pick Cujo up from daycare. I LOVE having a built-in excuse to throw back in their "of-course-we're-not-concerned-about-face-time" lying faces :D

(and by "their" I mean ALL law firms', because they are ALL lying to you. Just saying).

PS -- I miss you! Any chance you'll be on the Best Coast for NYE?

PPS -- have you switched to beta? Because blogger is Not Logging Me In and it's Really Annoying.

-- Law Fairy