Saturday, October 21, 2006

Um, ew.

Today a bird shat on us.

Yes, shat. As in le poop on le head. And, yes, I mean "us." As in me AND my parents, who are visiting me here in NY.

According to a friend, he "can't imagine how...unless [we] were in huddle formation or something." about a talented bird.


Tab Connoisseur said...

Awwww. At least it wasn't just you...then you'd be left cursing the vagaries of fate that selected you, out of all the millions of surely more-deserving others, for the honor.

Bonus points for proper use of the word "shat." :)

DarthImmortal said...

They usually target my freshly clean car. Actually, I think the owners of the car wash hire the birds to shat on my car. It's a damn conspiracy!!

NaughtyVoyeur said...

Well, that's just shatty :) That happened to a friend of mine once, on a bridge we had to cross every morning. So we would bring old bread.. toss it and book across while the birds were distracted :)