Thursday, August 10, 2006

NYC Tidbits

In my bid to divert food funds towards decorating funds, I'm on the hunt for cheap eats in NYC. I've so far discovered that a bagel with egg whites can yield a meal and a half. A gai mei bao down in Chinatown is 50 cents. A Vietnamese sandwich down on Broome Street is $3. Falafel sandwich off the L's Bedford Ave stop is $3. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Some things my fellow UES'ers have seen me carry through the neighborhood over the past few days: white Daewoo microwave, bedside lamp + lampshade (I am no longer living in darkness!), and a 4' x 6' "ebony" rug from Pier 1.

Note to the uninitiated: No matter how much you need x, y, or z, do not go to the 24 hour Duane Reade alone past 11PM. You will be hit on by the men stocking the shelves. Repeatedly.

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