Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Summer Observational Poll

Assuming guys of equal physical hotness, what's hotter?
Guy walking cute puppy.
Guy pushing cute baby.
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Feel free to post explanations in the comments section. :)


The Law Fairy said...

Oh come on. It is not even a contest. Guy with a puppy = ADORABLE and sensitive. Guy with a kid = BAGGAGE BAGGAGE BAGGAGE!!

lakhawk said...

Who cares if he has a dog...but if the kid is his, no way!

Wayne said...

What if the guy is pushing the baby is the baby's uncle only and is merely trying to get on an equal playing field with the puppy walker?

Not that I've done this or anything.

And why is it that women are susceptible to men using such props?

The Law Fairy said...

wayne, it's just like with guys -- you'll try to find an excuse to talk to a girl, or worse yet, some cheesy "line." A prop is just an excuse. It's an easy "in." Kind of like how guys are "susceptible" to miniskirts and low-cut blouses ;)

And it depends on the girl. I'll take a puppy over a baby any day :)

Wayne said...

Hey Law Fairy, I'm new in town and can't find my way around; could I have directions to your place?

DarthImmortal said...

Does anybody really think a guy with a kid is sexy? I don't think a female with a kid is sexy at all.

Wayne said...

Never met a MILF darthimmortal?

DarthImmortal said...

A MILF is sexy but not a MILF with a kid. Leave the kid at home.