Sunday, June 25, 2006


So I had my fly-by-night apartment hunt this weekend. I put in an application for a tiny one bedroom place that is in the PERFECT location.
I will have to deal with some, shall we say, "quirks" of the place, but it is in a kickass location, and I think that, once I decorate it, I will be able to make it my own. I find out Tuesday whether or not my application was accepted. Believe it or not, the fact that we don't start work until October (despite making an obscene amount of money at that point) has been a point of contention for lots of management places. Not cool! How do they expect us to be able to work if we do not have a place to live? (And vice versa!) Ahh...que sera sera. My "vice versa" may not make sense, now that I think about it, but I did not sleep last night because of my 6AM flight. Taking the "I'm still young" route, I stayed out til 4 with some friends and then went back to my wonderful host friend's place to pick up my stuff to head to the airport. Yes. Crazy.

Anyway, I leave you with this picture from the Philadelphia airport. (It was a connecting flight.) Is this not the most profound message?


DarthImmortal said...

That looks like an awesome location; I really hope you get it!!

Albert Clifford Slater said...

Congrats on moving to New York City...I hear they make some pretty kick ass salsa!

JCA said...

Hooray for homefulness! Sending approval waves your way.

SK said...

So does it fit all your criteria? A tree on the block? Can you fit your queen-sized bed in AND actually move around the room?

Can you take a shower and cook breakfast simultaneously b/c the shower is in the kitchen? (That can actually be convenient at times...)

Hope the move will be trauma-free.