Sunday, June 18, 2006

Craig's List

So the hunt is ON for an apartment in New York. I'm heading out on Thursday night and will be looking at places Friday and Saturday. Holy craptastic am I freaked out about finding an apartment that (1) isn't rat-infested (2) is within my budget (3) is on a block that has at least one tree (4) has a bedroom big enough to fit my queen bed (for non-NY-ers, yes, this could indeed be a HUGE issue when one considers the size of "bedrooms" *coughs "cubbyholes"* in NY) and (5) isn't in an area into which I wouldn't want to venture past 7PM. There are other soft requirements, but I don't want to bore you with the details.

I'm gonna try to do this on my own (i.e. NO broker), but there are a few possible exceptions that I've seen online. The REAL point of this post is to say "OMG WTF Rockstar!" to Craig's List's (I know I know it's "craigslist" but in reality, it is Craig's LIST -- capiche?) new policy of charging brokers $10 per listing. Thus, in Craig's List's style, my thoughts:

[rant] I couldn't believe how Craig's List was so impossibly flooded with misinformation prior to this rule, which took effect a couple days ago. There would be hundreds of posts by the same brokers, all of whom employed a "bait and switch" approach. [/rant]

[rave] This new $10/posting rule seems to make sense in that the legitimate brokers (who really have decent apartments to rent) can make their voices heard without having to compete with the cloud of static that the wrongdoers were emitting. *ties leather band around forehead and picks up spear* Let's hope this will improve my apartment hunt! [/rave]

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The Law Fairy said...

Yeah craigslist (or Craig's List)!! I heart them so much. They're how I found my awesometastic apartment, which is only two amenities away from perfection (namely, automatic dishwasher and central a/c -- the latter of which will be remedied the instant I have time to hop over to Shaper Image), meaning I have a washer/dryer to call my own AND a garbage disposal. HEAVEN.

Good luck with the apartment-hunting!